Gold & Lumber:

A new kind of strategy game!

Gold & Lumber combines the simple controls of tower defense with the intense pacing and depth of real time strategy!

On the 1v1 multiplayer map „Hellfire Fortress“, each player gets constantly attacked by waves of demons while setting up his/her base and army. Attacking every minute and growing in strength each spawn, the demons make managing a base very challenging.  This core element of the game creates an intense, fast-paced environment.

To let the players fully focus on strategic decisons every unit fights automaticly which makes Gold & Lumber easy to control, yet fast and furious at the same time!

Key facts

  • competitive

  • fast-paced

  • easy controls

  • for PC and Mac

Inspired by eSports, Gold & Lumber is a competitive driven game strategy fans will enjoy!

Command unique factions, use different strategies, withstand the demonic onslaught and figure out the right time to destroy your opponents base in a leathal attack. With more factions and features Gold & Lumber will constantly evolve, making the players have to reinvent their strategies as the season progresses!

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