Gold & Lumber - Hellfire Fortress is a new kind of strategy game that combines the simple controls of tower defense with intense pacing and depths of real time strategy.

Core Gameplay:

On the Hellfire Fortress, the main multiplayer map of the game, two players are playing against each other. Each player gets constantly attacked by waves of demons while setting up his/her defense on their isolated lane. Attacking every minute and growing in strength each spawn, the demons make managing a base very challenging. Thus, the main goal is straightforward: Survive longer than your opponent!!

During a game each player will gather two different kind of resources, Gold and Hellfire Shards.

Gold is either looted when your defending units kill enemies or is generated through income. Income is paid every minute and increases with every attack you make.

Hellfire Shards are automatically gathered by workers. You can influence the amount of workers and their gathering speed by investing in your economy.

Both resources can be spend on different strategic options. Combining and utilizing those options is the key to victory!

Let us take a brief look at each core mechanic:


The most important aspect of the game is establishing a strong defense! You can only setup your defense in the construction phases. In these phases you can use your gold to deploy new defenders, change their position or even disband them, to refund a certain amount of their original cost. There are 6 different defender for every faction and some even have extra abilities.

Once the battle starts your defenders will fight incoming enemies automatically. Defenders that are killed during the battle will respawn at the beginning of the next construction phase.


On the Hellfire Fortress you can also pay mercenaries during the combat phase to attack your opponent. Mercenaries are paid with Hellfire Shards and when bought, it will spawn on your opponent’s lane with the Hellfire Demons on the NEXT combat phase!

Mercenaries will only spawn once, but will permanently increase your income for the rest of the game!


You can influence the outcome of battles by casting different types of combat spells. Spells have no activation cost and when cast will only go on cool down! Spells have different effects and you can use them against incoming attacks, your defense or even opponents defense!

The impact of spells is very high and they should be used carefully. It is always a good idea to keep your opponent’s cool downs in mind and punish him when he might not be able to respond properly!


You can spend gold to train more workers and increase their gathering efficiency. Increasing your Hellfire Shards gathering rate is straight forward. With more Hellfire Shards you can do stronger attacks, get higher income and ultimately overwhelm your opponent!


You can also spend huge amounts of Hellfire Shards to advance your town hall. Advancing the town hall will take a lot of time, but once finished the upgraded town hall has stronger defense and unlocks a stronger defender, mercenary and spell!

Alpha sign up is now open!

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